In a case from a few years ago, Mr. Hiller's client was a recovering addict, and Mr. Hiller's client's wife had a long-term illness – neither client would have handled court well. The court required mediation. Neither party had a personality disorder, so the settlement was within reach. The mediator was only available for a half-day, and at the end of that session, the other lawyer told his client she could do better in court. There was a $1,000,000 risk in how the case would turn out. The Mediator and Mr. Hiller's agreed that another mediation session would likely resolve the case, but the other lawyer had to be convinced to come back to mediation. Mr. Hiller's continued to call and write everyone until the other lawyer agreed. Sure enough, the parties resolved the case in the 2nd mediation session. Without Mr. Hiller's efforts, the case would have cost the parties another $150,000.00 in fees, exposed them to $1,000,000.00 in risk, and caused them to hear each other say terrible things about each other in court. 

Property division arbitration won and saved the client 10% of the estate plus an additional 10% paid attorney fees

Property division mediation settled winning the client upwards of $100k in assets extra

Property division settlement recently for $10mil saving him approx $1mi plus attorney fees