Parental Alienation (PA or emotional child abuse)

During the early stages of your divorce, you may not notice what may be the beginning of parental alienation (PA). It is crucial to know that PA ISemotional child abuse.Further, PA sometimes doesn't show obvious signs until after the divorce. The attorneys at HillerLaw are trained and learn how to handle High Conflict(HC) and Parental Alienation cases regardless of their stage.

We also are announcing a significant addition to our parental alienation work. PA & HC cases are often complex, challenging, and expensive. Therefore our attorneys work on the emotional health of family members AND handle the trial work. This is extremely important because you will fight forever without a specially trained, experienced lawyer AND therapist handling the healing process. One attorney helping to heal the family, simultaneously fighting for you and your kids - The Healing-Fighting Lawyer!

To know if PA has developed, here are questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are your children showing irrational fear or anger toward you, your parents, or your relatives?
  • Do they side with your spouse no matter the situation?
  • Are they, or others you know, repeating rumors or lies about you, made up by your spouse?
  • Are your children showing behavioral or mental health issues that weren't present before your divorce?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, you and your children might be suffering from PA at the hands of your (soon-to-be) ex. It is especially prevalent when divorce is imminent, and it can negatively affect both your children and your relationship with them. 

What is Parental Alienation (PA)?

PA occurs when one parent turns their children against the other parent through psychological manipulation of the children.

  • The children are actively resisting/refusing a relationship with the rejected parent.
  • The children previously had a positive relationship with the rejected parent (or was never given a chance).
  • There is absence of bona fide abuse or neglect.

What are the Signs of Parental Alienation?

Unfortunately, PA often reveals itself through the younger victims – your children. Common things you may see in your children include: 

  • Irrational fear or anger toward you
  • Lashing out or repeating lies they've heard about you
  • Extreme negative memories of you and/or denial of good memories
  • Viewing your ex as the “better” or “good” parent
  • Withdrawing from your family and friends
  • Showing depression or anxiety in school or at home
  • Always siding with your spouse, even if irrational

You can also recognize signs that the other parent is alienating your child if they are constantly lying to you, are not on good terms with you during or after your divorce, or incite your children's anger (or fear) against you by feeding them made-up stories or unsupported claims.

How Can PA Be Addressed?

Hiller Law takes a two-track approach to address parental alienation and high-conflict cases: One attorney to work on assessments and treatment of the family AND to handle the courtroom. This helps you and your lawyers FOCUS. Our attorneys will work on healing the family AND fight in the courtroom. This is extremely important because you will fight forever without a specially trained, experienced lawyer and therapist handling the healing process. And the lawyers must know how to fight, and WE DO at HillerLaw! One law firm helping to heal the family, and the same one fighting for you and your kids - the HEALING-FIGHTING LAWYER!

Get Started Today!

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