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At Hiller Law, we are Houston divorce lawyers who can resolve your divorce outside of court and trial lawyers who will go to court for your case.

Mediation for Prenuptial Agreements

Consider this: you’re planning to get married. You’ve probably picked a date, found a venue, selected invitations and registered for gifts. While you’ve most likely discussed these details with your fiancé, have you discussed a prenuptial agreement? Prenuptial agreements are not simply for the wealthy; they are a wise investment into your future since 40 […]

Mediation Basics

Divorce often boils down to dispute resolution. We’ve discussed collaborative law, one type of dispute resolution, but another highly effective method that also allows you to avoid a judge and jury is mediation. Mediation is a confidential process in which a neutral third party, the mediator, hears the dispute between two parties and attempts to […]

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