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At Hiller Law, we are Houston divorce lawyers who can resolve your divorce outside of court and trial lawyers who will go to court for your case.

10 Issues That Will Make Your Divorce More Expensive

Complex or large financial assets – A divorce involving complex, unusual, or large amounts of financial assets typically requires financial experts to value the financial assets and a fair amount of negotiation to reach a settlement over how to divide the assets; may also require tax professionals. Intense hostility or disagreement over child custody issues – Possible […]

A Parallel Parenting Plan May Work For You

We know that many parents struggle with figuring out the best way to co-parent after their divorce has been finalized.  The Eighth Circuit in Florida has implemented what they call “parallel parenting plans” in situations where the parents do not get along, are highly reactive to each other, feel extremely uncomfortable in each other’s presence, […]

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