Every Texas Law License says "Attorney and Counselor at Law." I focus on both parts of our license, the Attorney and Counselor, each part of our profession. Most family lawyers concentrate only on the attorney part. 

They either settle their case out-of-court or try it in court. They don't consider that you need more than a lawyer - every client I've ever had needs a lawyer AND a counselor. We all know what a lawyer does, but how many know that lawyers should also counsel and advise you? I am stunned whenever a lawyer says, "That's what my client wants." - regardless of what advice you need. HillerLaw advises you on your best options and fights for what you want after we've given you advice.

Sometimes, you need to fight harder, sometimes settle. Sometimes, you should stay together - you're just mad, so you file. How many know that "Intensives" - marriage restoration intensives - work far better than marriage counseling? We advise and fight for you from pre-marriage to marriage, divorce to post-divorce. We use the attorney-counselor way - the HillerWay - to help you with whatever you, your children, and your case need.

And don't forget; there are so many things to consider whether you or your spouse wants a divorce – can you make a living, can you afford two households, do you need a new career, how are the physical and mental health of parents and children? Is your partner a narcissist? We at HillerLaw & Counseling listen to you, advise, and fight for you and your children for whatever you need.

If you don't reconcile, HillerLaw & Counseling traditionally handles your case (filing, serving your ex, & going to court). But we will lead you there if you need mediation or collaborative divorce. Mr. Hiller is innovative -  he created Reconciliation Law(RL) and Streamlined Family Law(SFL), aka Collaborative Arbitration. RL helps you fight for your marriage, & SFL reduces your case's time, cost, and stress. Our Parental Alienation & High Conflict Management programs take existing expertise and make them practical. These are some of the options we offer you. 

The above may sound complicated and confusing, but we simplify it!:

  1. We advise you on what you and your kids need.

  2. We advise you on the best legal path.

  3. Together, we decide how to proceed and fight for you and your kids!

As difficult as dealing with divorce can be, you will find our Lawyer-Counseling approach comforting, effective, and made for you!

Mr. Hiller is a Texas Family Law Specialist, a Brown University graduate, a family man with a wife and three children, & dedicates himself to serving you and your kids.