Everyone has heard of bucket lists and knows what a will is, too. 

Why hasn't someone considered combining bucket lists and wills before - the connection is obvious. I don't know, but I'm glad I have now.

I've had several good ideas for improving how family lawyers serve their clients, but most involve using other lawyers to do things differently. That can be challenging. Just recently, I came up with "Bucket List Wills".  Besides being good for you, the client, I don't need other lawyers to embrace it!

I can help you with your will and connect you with bucket list coaches if you live in Texas. If you live in another state, I can help you ordinate your bucket list with your will through your lawyer there. 

Remember, a bucket list was originally to do exciting things before you die. You don't have to be dying, though, and the bucket list does not have to be connected to your eventual death. For example, you're 28 and have your first baby. You can have a bucket list of things you and your partner want to do before your kid turns one, before he turns three, etc. 

You need a will, even if you're only twenty-something, in case the inevitable happens before you want. But the bucket list is something you want so that you can enjoy life along the way.

And remember, while some of you will only list exciting things on your bucket list, others will only list quiet and safe things. Everyone is different, and you need to embrace your uniqueness.

I want to close out this blog by saying that I've climbed a mountain, white water rafted, parasailed, picked up my family, moved to another city in the middle of my law practice, and done many adventuresome things. Your list can be more adventuresome than mine or less. It doesn't matter, as long as you enjoy life. A bucket list entry can be as simple as making a new friend and spending more time with your family -  the idea is to list and do meaningful things for you. And you can always update it.

Get your will done, and start your bucket list today! Michael H.

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