Making the decision to cohabitate, get engaged, or get married is cause for much excitement and celebration. And for many, this includes ensuring there's a plan in place to protect assets, property, and finances as they embark on this new journey. If you and your spouse are already married and didn't draft a prenuptial agreement before your wedding, you still have the option to decide in advance how to settle your affairs in the event of a divorce or separation. Cohabitation & Postnuptial agreements are just as effective.

Our “Designing Our Future Together”/MIRROR RESPECT™ resource program is specially designed to help you work with us to create a roadmap to address the “what-ifs” in a sensitive and thoughtful way. Not only will our program help you protect your assets, but it will work to strengthen your relationship as well. We can lay out important decisions in advance about how you will resolve conflicts, and what aspects of your relationship you will work on. We will also explore deciding how you will use tools like marriage counseling and relationship education.

Both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are an opportunity to make your marriage better, and should not only be seen as a way to settle a couple's affairs, assets, and parenting plans in advance should a separation or divorce happen further down the road. The family law attorneys at Hiller Law are experienced in drafting and negotiating postnuptial agreements that help avoid litigation that would otherwise come should you divorce.

A marital agreement is ideal for people who:

  • Want to have a plan in place in advance of getting married if things don't work out
  • Have or plan to have children and want to decide in advance how parenting time will be spent with each parent in the event of divorce or separation
  • Own significant assets, businesses, property, or have high income
  • Are concerned that their future spouse may be partially swayed by the prospect of money
  • Want defined steps to seek out help to enrich the marriage should challenges arise, and steps to foster success

A Customized Plan to Protect You, Enrich Your Marriage & Future Family

Hiller Law has over thirty years of experience in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for a wide range of clients. From business owners to executives, athletes and entertainers, to everyday people–our attorneys work with you to create customized legal protections and guidelines to set the path should you or your spouse decide to separate or divorce in the future. We also represent individuals who have been asked to sign a nuptial agreement, providing sound counsel and helping you negotiate terms.

And while protecting your assets is important, our firm is exceptionally equipped to create an agreement that goes beyond property and supports and enriches the foundation of your marriage. Our founder, Michael Hiller, uses his MIRROR RESPECT™ concept to offer resource programs that ensure your relationship is set on a path to success.

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