By now, you've all heard of a bucket list and how making one allows you to do things you've always wanted. We remind our clients that creating a will or trust plan does not have to be just about planning for your death. It can also be a chance to plan for and DO the things you love in your life.

  • Many will lawyers try to make you comfortable with the idea of death.  We want you to make the most out of life! Plan for the inevitable, but enjoy your life right now!

You need a will, even if you're only twenty-something, in case the inevitable happens before you want. . A will ensures your wishes are respected, while a bucket list helps you embrace life's adventures at any age. Whether you're welcoming a new baby or simply planning for the future, a will is essential, and a bucket list enhances your journey. Your bucket list can be thrilling or serene—it's about making meaningful experiences for you. Everyone is different, and you need to embrace your uniqueness. Begin your will and start your bucket list today to secure and enrich your life's path.


Following the death of a loved one, you may experience conflict with family members over probate or need will probate. Hiller Law offers complete estate planning and probate services. But remember, we at HillerLaw want you to focus on life above all else.

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