By now, you've all heard of a bucket list and how making one allows you to do things you've always wanted. We remind our clients that creating a will or trust plan does not have to be just about planning for your death. It can also be a chance to plan for and DO the things you love in your life.

  • Many will lawyers try to make you comfortable with the idea of death. We say hogwash. We want you to make the most out of life! Plan for the inevitable, but enjoy your life right now!

Putting a plan in place for your estate (at least a will) empowers you to decide how you, your family, property, and loved ones will be cared for when you can no longer speak for yourself. And a bucket list will make your life more fun and more fulfilling!

Several national organizations encourage lawyers to turn to an estate planning practice so that they can enjoy their work. We take it a step further so that you, the client, can enjoy your life more while still creating your estate plan. How do we make it fun? By helping you make a bucket list, you, your family, and your friends can help you live more joyfully, doing what YOU like.

We think lawyers should enjoy life too, so we make our own Bucket Lists and create our own wills.

Making a Plan for Parents and their Children or Grandchildren.

You may have just had your 1st child or 2d grandchild, or you're planning for surgery. OR you are making changes as you navigate divorce or simply being diligent in ensuring a plan is in place. Regardless, estate planning is critical to ensure your desires and wishes are captured and made known to your loved ones, medical providers, and the state.

We know that thinking about post-life planning can sometimes be daunting or depressing, and understandably, you want to avoid these discussions. The attorneys at HillerLaw will ask questions to help you make the best decisions for yourself and protect and preserve what matters to you. And your Bucket List will make your life more fulfilling and fun!

Bucket List Wills will not only protect your loved ones if you are incapacitated or die, but it also comes with a program that helps you choose what you want to do next week, week by week, or with the rest of your life. We encourage you to make a true bucket list of what you want to accomplish during your lifetime, whether for fun, achievement or for others.


Following the death of a loved one, you may experience conflict with family members over probate or need will probate. Hiller Law offers complete estate planning and probate services. But remember, we at HillerLaw want you to focus on life above all else.

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