A Higher Level of Practice

We employ a higher standard of divorce practice because Mr. H created one. We focus on financial divorces, and virtually all financial advisors recommend you find a lawyer like Mr. Hiller. Here's how we practice:

1. Hire Mr. H. as your lawyer – he is excellent in and out of court. Your spouse should hire a lawyer like Mr. H. 2. Unless a party has a personality disorder and their lawyer is a jerk, virtually every case can be resolved without court. 3. Written Discovery almost always wastes time and money; find another way to exchange information. 4. Hire tough but fair property evaluators. 5. Use mediation as often as needed. In property cases, you risk millions in court, whereas meditation gives you more control. 6. Where there's dishonesty and hiding assets, or where there's a narcissist or a jerk lawyer, that's when we go to court. 

An example of Mr. H applying his higher standard is a $10 million estate with a prenuptial agreement. The lawyers before us forgot to include how to divide the property, so Mr. H and the other new lawyer had to resolve it. But there was a jerk other spouse and lawyer, so we went to court. The other side wanted 60% of the $10 million and $2 million in alimony. The judge agreed with us and awarded more than the 50-50 division we requested, no alimony for them, and all our attorneys' fees. A Win-Win-Win!

Mr. Hiller is a Texas Family Law Specialist, a Brown University graduate, a family man with a wife and three children, & dedicates himself to serving you and your kids.

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