Virtually Mediating High Conflict Custody Cases

Posted by Michael HillerMar 23, 20200 Comments

Due to our national crisis, we have pulled back a little on our baseball-themed blogs. Mostly, we want to keep you up-to-date with our coronavirus strategies.

First and foremost, the team at Hiller Law hopes you, your family, your friends and those you work with stay well during this pandemic. 

Virtual Meetings, Mediations, Depositions & More

Hiller Law remains open during this crisis, while working from home. For the foreseeable future, all of our client and other meetings are being held virtually, and you will receive an invitation to a videoconference when a meeting is scheduled.

In addition, all of our court sessions, mediations, depositions, and arbitrations will be done virtually. We are checking our voice and postal mail regularly, and our work numbers are being forwarded to our cell phones. Hiller Law is here to serve you. For more information, please see

At the Forefront of Technology

In our most recent blog, we informed you that Hiller Law has been at the forefront of technology and advancements in family law for years. Therefore, it is almost seamless for us to practice law and mediation virtually – after all, we added videoconferencing right after we opened an office in Austin almost 2 years ago. That means that we've already overcome many of the challenges that other firms are just now facing.

For example, when it comes to mediation, whether we are serving as the mediator or an attorney in the process, we understand the need to have “separate rooms” in the videoconference, so that there can be confidentiality during your communication with your attorney.

While most attorneys and mediators will think of this, most have not had experience using virtual technology and they won't always be adept at keeping each session confidential from the other party and their attorney. They also may not understand the technology needed so that you can be in your home, and your attorney can be in his or hers while still attending the virtual mediation.


Speaking of resolving cases in mediation, in previous blogs and on our website, we have discussed how Hiller Law takes a unique approach to high conflict child custody. On the one hand, we use aggressive litigation tactics, but on the other hand our goal is to heal the family.

Mediation provides a unique opportunity to heal high conflict child custody cases, whether parental alienation is present or not. With the new layer of virtual interaction in the mediation, it becomes important for the virtual layer to not add to the conflict.

We at Hiller Law pledge to use our experience in technology to help other mediators and even other lawyers with the technology so that we can focus on getting both parents and all children into treatment. 

In other words, our goal of winning high conflict child custody means winning the battle of getting both parents and all children into therapy, not winning the technology battle.